People taking that E!Online poll seriously…


I’m sorry, but honestly this is the SADDEST thing I’ve ever seen. There is no need for a woman to do this to herself. She is not his property nor does she need to wear his name to validate herself. I absolutely hate this trend, it is so tacky and reductive.


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Why does this fandom insist on being mean and rude to people who are doing things they don’t have to do?

This is not the end.

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"I’m so glad we got to see Finn give Rachel that pig."
No one
Just pointing out that Klaine isn’t really alone. We have no idea what Tike, Britanna, or Quick are really doing either.

Only Finchel, of fucking course.

The thing is, I just want to know if the writers are being stubborn about Finchel, or they actually have no idea that most people do not like that pairing…
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Klaine. Finchel. Quick. Tartie. Samcedes. Britanna. Wemma. These will forever be my endgame ships for Glee. ♥